Spare Parts

From assistance in determining which mixer size and model best suit your requirements, to manufacturing of the equipment, to after-sale support. We assist you with a wide range of valuable and professional services in order to ensure smooth production and operating processes.

Our leading range of mixing & blending wear parts and components are designed to extend component lifetimes , reducing maintenance and production stoppages.Our unique range of hard wearing materials are proven to perform in industries including:
Glass,Refractory,Foundry,Asphalt,Dry Silo Mortar,Concrete
Our products include:
Pan type,Planetary and Twinshaft mixer wear parts and components for various makes

spare parts

Blades,scrapers,arms,wear liners are the most frequently replaced parts of a mixer.Our cast steel and tungsten carbide wear parts will help reduce the amount of time you spend in(and money you spend on) your mixers.Specialist tungsten carbide segments with a hardness of 90+Rockwell ensure long life,low maintenance performance.

Service life of wear parts increased by 450%
“Fitting tungsten carbide parts in the mixer has made a big difference to our day to day operation.We wanted to cut maintenance and that is exactly what has happened.”
The Challenge
Clients at a busy,high output asphalt plant wanted to reduce costs by limiting maintenance downtime.OEM cast steel mixing arms and blades needed constant adjustment and replacement.Worn blades lead to build up and mixing problems.
Our Solution
Tungsten carbide protected mixer wear parts

OEM mixing arms – 150,000T
Tungsten carbide mixing arms – 600,000T
OEM mixing blades – 80,000T
Tungsten carbide mixing blades – 350,000T
Key Features
Extreme abrasion resistance
Cost – lowest cost per tonne
Maintenance – reduced frequently dramatically
Productivity – less mixer downtime
Sustainability – worn blades can be rebuilt at low cost
Quality – mix consistency improved

Whether it’s spare parts or wear parts or components, you will benefit from YECHUANG MT parts: available, reliable, made to fit!